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Hair Evolution Intensive Bald Spot Treatment - 200ml
Hair Evolution
R 200.00

Designed To Treat Bald Spots

Aid In Hair Re-Growth

Intensive Treatment

Promote Blood Circulation

For Men & Women

Hair Evolution’s Natural Intensive Bald Spot Treatment has been specifically  designed for Bald Spot types that require more intensive growth and conditioning treatments.

Applied to the scalp to reduce hair loss and revitalise hair and scalp for healthy growth, improves blood flow and restores small hair follicles to normal size and activity increases the delivery oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles.

This natural formula is designed to fight hair loss and stimulate the growth of hair follicles that are suffering from weak and scalp conditions.

Added conditioners and natural bio-stimulators, rich in both organic and mineral substances easily available to the hair follicle aid in fast, new hair growth and a silky feel.

Transfers bio-nutrients to energise cells for improved follicle performance and to help produce stronger, thicker and fuller hair.